The story of Boozer hut.

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Fathers Day Photo Competition.

For Fathers Day this year we ran a photo competition. The quality of the entries was very high and it was tough to pick a winner. Congratulations to Melissa with her picture of her partner and their kids on a hunting trip, they won $50 to spend on the website. We enjoyed hosting the competition and will be running another, next year we will be much better organised so start taking pictures you can use to enter, we should have some more prizes as well. Comment below which is your favourite picture. It was tough but we had to pick a winner and in the end this was our favourite.      

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Kiwi Hunting Legend Percy Lyes

New Zealand hunting legend Percy Lyes starting learning bushcraft in the forests near Hokitika during the depression. He started trapping rabbits and possums for the pot before getting his first rifle, a Winchester single shot .22 which he used to good effect, even managing to score the odd small deer. During WW2 Percy enlisted in the Army but was discharged, before he could deploy, so he could help his elderly father on the farm, as farming was considered essential to the war effort. By the end of the war deer skins were in hot demand so Percy and his brother David did the obvious thing and started hunting professionally. When Percy upgraded his trusty .303 with a German Ajax scope,...

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PracMed NZ "Stop the Bleed" workshop, review.

My wife and I recently completed the PracMed NZ Stop the Bleed workshop in Palmerston North. As someone whos done a bunch of different medical courses over the years I was really impressed by it and wanted to do a quick review. Living in a rural area far from help and using tools like chainsaws and firearms its a good idea to be proficient in some core medical procedures, stopping bleeding being one. Even if you are a true city slicker its still a good course. The fact is we are most likely to use these skills on the road, by the end of June 195 people had died on our roads just this year. The course is run by...

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Bread Making the NZFS Way.

Bread Making the NZFS Way. Camp-oven bread is often spoiled through poor preparation, and the following tips will assist in making a good loaf: • Ingredients must be kept warm but not too hot or too cold, otherwise the yeast will be destroyed. Blood heat (98"F) is ideal. Yeast is a living organism and must be treated as such; hence the importance of warm temperatures which allow it to multiply (work). • Too much kneading will cause split crusts. • Too little kneading causes holes in the loaf. • Too much salt will result in slow rising of the dough. • Too little salt will result in the loaf rising too quickly and forming holes in the loaf. • Too...

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Major Wallingford "The human machine gun."

"I am sure that the enemy thought that they had a picked body of marksmen in front of them – well so they had … twenty five New Zealand boys who were picked because they had done a little rabbit shooting or had chased a stag or had become marksmen in their musketry course."Captain Wallingford who had put together a specialist force of sharpshooters to combat Turkish Snipers. Prior to WW1 Jesse Alfred Wallingford had won numerous medals in rifle and pistol shooting. He was six times the rifle champion of the British Empire, twice revolver champion and five times was second in the revolver championship. He was twice the winner of the Prince of Wales’ £100 prize, one of...

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