The story of Boozer hut.

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Say No to Terrorism.

As someone who has spent years overseas involved in the fight against terror. I'm troubled by the New Zealand governments rapid capitulation to terrorist demands, as this does nothing but embolden the enemy. On Friday, March 15 around 1:40pm a terrorist with the goal of changing gun laws and to induce civil strife, attacked the Masjid Al Noor mosque in central Christchurch he then went on to attack the Linwood Islamic Centre. A worshipper named Abdul Wahabzadah is credited with stopping the assault there and forcing the attacker to flee (surely Abdul deserves a NZ Cross).The terrorist murdered 50 innocent people with the goal "To agitate the political enemies of my people into action, to overextend their own hand and...

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Russian Jack, the last of the swag men.

Barrett Crumen "Russian Jack" 1878-1968. The last of the swag men. "Man oh man I vos FREE! Free to have a beer, have a smoke, –happy what you can call all the time, you know. They was free days."Barrett Crumen (or Krumen) was one of the last of New Zealand's old-time swaggers. He was reportedly born in Latvia on 26 March 1878. Nothing is known of his family and it appears that he neither married nor had any children. Even his real name is uncertain, as 'Crumen' may refer to his being a crewman on a ship, and 'Barrett' did not seem to mean anything to him. To everyone who met him he was 'Russian Jack'.As a boy Barrett spent...

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What is the BushLife?

I recently read an article in Wilderness Magazine about a young women who had decided to commit suicide by getting lost in the bush and succumbing to the elements. During her attempt her whole perspective on life changed. Her story really struck a chord with me, here was someone for whom hitting the hills and choosing the BushLife had literally saved her life.

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